Our Collaborative Planning

What you need to do:

My aim is for you to return to school next term armed with something useful that you can put into practice in your classroom. There are heaps of ideas on this wiki already and you can certainly just have fun exploring all my ideas. However, I think you all have amazing ideas (an imaginations) of your own so...

It's time for you to get messy, make mistakes, play, explore and collaborate!

The choice is really up to you and your group. There are 4 possible ways you can approach this task, bearing in mind the fact that we have a time limit and there are so many possibilities for your classroom programme. As a group you can decide to do one of the following:
  • Create a lesson/mini unit plan
  • Brainstorm either a) all the possible classroom uses you can think of for one tool OR b) all the possible ways you could use ICT for one particular curriculum area.
  • Take 1 tool (or 2 or 3 if you're really keen) and have some "sandpit time" just playing and exploring. Record any features you notice, pluses, minuses, usefulness in the classroom and so on. Your group has one MUST DO tool if you decide to go with this option - but feel free to explore others.
  • Do all 3 of the above.

Not sure what to do? Check out the sample page I created for you.
Sample Page

To edit your groups wiki page just click on the "Edit this Page" button and the page will go into edit mode. Click in the box you wish to add information to and start typing. I've learnt to hit "Save" regularly so I don't lose all my hard work. You don't have to worry about changing font size, colour, or anything like that (unless you want to or know how already).

If you want to look at something on another website at the same time try opening another tab. (If you're not sure how just ask).

Do you need some pictures to help with your tools exploration or simply to prompt your thinking for a writing project? Here is a link to my Flickr page. You may use one of my photos or click on my Favourites to see photos I've "favourited". Many of these are licensed under creative commons - just check first and remember to give appropriate attribution.

"Just Hanging Out" by Keamac. From Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/keamac/2380016146/. Licensed under creative commons.

Links to Group Pages:

To make things even easier (and because the teacher in me couldn't resist), I have narrowed your choices just a bit. Don't worry though,as you will all be able to access everyone else's ideas. Also I have left this wiki open so you can add contributions to other group any time you like.

Group One
Curriculum Area - Maths: Number & Algebra
Tool to Explore - Wordle
Group Two
Curriculum Area - Science/Social Studies/Technology
Tool to Explore - Glogster
Group Three
Curriculum Area - English: Visual Language
Tool to Explore - VoiceThread
Group Four
Curriculum Area - English: Oral Language
Tool to Explore - Skrbl
Group Five
Curriculum Area - English: Written Language
Tool to Explore - Wikispaces
Group Six
Curriculum Area - Maths: Measurement or Geometry
Tool to Explore - Choose a site from the Websites page.